Wylie and the Wild West

Wylie and the Wild West

To Ride!
By Wylie Galt Gustafson

God the mighty architect
A noble beast he did perfect

With delicate ear and arching neck

And hooves that dare to fly

To the stirrup I am drawn

Freedom found and faith reborn

I’m carried through the raging storm

To revelation’s door

Oh, Oh, Oh!

To ride, to ride

Oh, what heaven to ride!

How I yearn to hear the song
The rhythmic roll, the thrilling thrum

Of feet that echo like a drum

An anthem to my soul

The ring of spur, rattle of bit

My heart treasures every trip

As across the sod we wheel and rip

Wind roaring in my ears

When I die lay me down

Deep beneath the prairie ground

Where horses graze all around

Casting shadows above my bones

I’ll take that final ride

Up across the great divide

Forever more to be astride

On a gallop to the stars