White Buffalo Apothocary

Ag producers are more creative than given credit for. A sustainable farm doesn’t just happen. A farmer has to be inquisitive, forward-thinking, and clever. They develop tools and techniques to improve efficiency and quality. And, quite regularly, they create businesses to provide their unique products and services to others.
In Wolf Point, White Buffalo Apothecary is one such business. Specializing in all natural and organic products, White Buffalo Apothecary handcrafts everything it sells to provide its customers with better bath and body alternatives.
“I’ve been an organic fanatic for fifteen years,” says owner Trish Peiffer, explaining that, in some ways, creating her own organic products was a necessity, as they were often too expensive to buy from a store.
In 2017, her youngest daughter Jessie saw a bath bomb on Pintrest and asked her if they could make one.
“I didn’t even know what a bath bomb was,” Peiffer laughs. “Within months, we had tried several different recipes that were very drying to the skin. I kept researching and trying different things until we had a recipe we liked.”
That recipe produced the “butter bomb,” a bath bomb infused with all-natural baking soda, butter, and oil to promote smooth, luxurious skin. (Coloring is hand-painted using skin-safe cosmetic mica.)
Soon, friends were asking about Peiffer’s butter bombs. And from there, White Buffalo Apothecary was born.
Today, Peiffer makes everything from sugar scrubs and lotions to healing products, like salves. All ingredients are heavily researched to ensure quality and they come from sustainable, organic operations. Her goat milk products come from goats she raises on non-GMO alfalfa. All containers and wrappers used are BPA-free.
“It’s all about sustainability,” says Peiffer.
What’s more, Peiffer’s family uses all White Buffalo Apothecary products.
“My children have eczema really bad,” she explains. “If it’s good for their skin, I know it will work for others.”
Given the market, White Buffalo Apothecary could easily charge triple the price for their products. But Peiffer feels that everyone should be able to enjoy the quality of bath and body organics.
“Our tagline is: affordable luxury,” she says.
For more information, visit wba444.com. Follow White Buffalo Apothecary on Facebook and Instagram.