Wade Krauth Metal Art

Twenty-two years ago, Wade Krauth found his “a-ha moment” as an artist quite unexpectedly, staring at pile of scrap metal.
“I saw the components laying there, and it occurred to me I could make something of that,” he remembers.
Using a hand torch, Krauth transformed the junk metal into art, creating a rough-cut sunflower that he then donated to a fundraiser for a friend undergoing cancer treatment. The experience was so enjoyable that he continued designing metal creations for friends and family—and then customers.
“People were interested in what I was doing,” explains Krauth. “I started Ruff Cut Creations, and it has gone from there.”
Today, Krauth’s work is far less “rough.” In 2017, he purchased a PlasmaCAM cutting system, allowing him to design artwork on a computer and then cut it out of a metal sheet, using a computerized plasma torch. This produces precise, clean-cut custom works.
“The PlasmaCAM is really good at making signage,” explains Krauth.
More than anything these days, clients ask him to create custom signs for their homes and businesses. It requires creativity, of course, but not nearly what it takes to fabricate a metal sunflower.
“I’ve got a shelf plum-full of metal junk just waiting to be turned into art,” he laughs.
Whether you’re looking for sleek metal sign or rough-cut yard décor, Krauth has his torch ready, happy to oblige.
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