Steve Oiestad

“I have a lot of respect for cowboys and their lifestyle,” says Montana-born artist Steve Oiestad.
Working primarily in pastels, he portrays the Western way of life. His subjects run the gamut, from cattlemen to birds to landscapes and much, much more.
“After thirty years it’s hard to come up with new subject matter,” he laughs. “I try to do a variety.”
Oiestad grew up on a ranch at Big Timber, these early experiences being one motivation behind his career in Western art. Another influence was his last “real” job. For seven years he worked as a preparator of exhibits at the C.M. Russell Museum.
“I had a lot of contact with Russell’s artworks and personal things,” he says of the formative experience. “I hung the Russell auction art each of those seven years.”
Eventually, he decided to stop hanging the art and start supplying it. In 1989, he was juried into his first C.M. Russell Auction. His remarkable work has appeared in every Russell Auction since.
“I can’t pinpoint where my success comes from,” he ponders humbly.
He credits loyal patrons. But anyone can see it’s more than that. Oiestad has a true gift for painting the West— with equal parts talent and soul.
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