Sareena Maureen Murnane

Sandy Sallee grew up at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone Park. She and her husband Scott live in a log cabin above the Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley, Montana. They own and operate Black Mountain Outfitters, a wilderness and ranch outfitting business. They also train and sell riding mules. Sandy’s original western writing has been featured in Western Horseman, the Wall Street Journal, TV shows, videos, magazines, books, and cowboy poetry gatherings nationwide. Sandy was inducted into the Montana Cowboy Poetry Hall of Fame in 1991. In 2016, the Academy of Western Artists chose Sandy as the Top Female Cowgirl Poet in the country.

(Blackfeet Name for Buffalo) by John B. Murnane DVM

Eee-ni- Wah
Eee-ni- Wah


Cooled magma from the cauldron of creation
Obsidian Horn
Perfect in its BLACKNESS
Perfect in its SHARPNESS

Wool Armored Head
Eyes that have seen, since the beginning of creation
Muscled shouldered, tapered hip overstuffed with explosive sunlight

I am Eee-ni-Wah
I am here since the first sunrise
I am dirt, I am grass, I am the place where the earth meets the sky
Pono-koamitaa, Dog like elk-walking…YOU are the newcomer!

You do not drive me: you follow!
I am returning to the grass of the spring
Returning to the grass of one hundred thousand years.
You do not drive me: You Follow!

Back to the beginning,
Back to my mother
Back to the fathers and those that followed.


Explosion of head, hide and horn
Flat fur slammed on equine hind
Lighting pierce of the flank.
Paper sorrel hide punctured and torn
Icy atmosphere rushes to the inner-sanctum

Membrane thin abdominal wall holding the life spirit in ancient, precarious decision of fate….

…Caught by the horn tip ripping; spilling Pono-kaomita onto the prairie?


Near miss! Gut basket Bounced by the curve of the dagger
Near Miss
Pono-kaomitaa…I told you…RESPECT! Stay Back!
Two legged rider …. You’re Next!

I am Eee-ni-Wah!

When The Full Moon Passes Over
By Sareena Murnane

When the full moon passes over
The world stops
No man awake
All the animals rise up in song
This is their freedom hour
No man or weapon can take it away from them

The coyote howls in praise
The eagle screeches in wisdom
The wolf sings in power
The bison thunders in knowledge
The elk bugles in thanks
The wild horses Winnie in spirit

The otter splashes the silver water in secrecy
The Bear grunts in strength
The owl coos in mystery
The osprey give their caws of memory
The beaver glides through the water in serenity
The mountain lion growls in prosperity

And the deer….
….stand still….
….listening and hearing
The beauty that their world withholds
A place so peaceful and bright….

When the Full Moon Passes Over