Longtime Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitter Ron Mills Of Augusta Releases New Boo

Ron Mills spent 60 years packing and outfitting in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and during the “off-season” worked on cattle ranches, shod and broke horses and moved elk off private land to the Sun River Game Range. In this book he recollects 60 years of working in Montana’s beautiful Rocky Mountain Front, and shares some of the stories of the people he took into the wilderness, many humorous and reflective tales, and shares about raising a family and starting a business when money was short.

Books are available directly from Ron at PO BOX 2, Augusta, MT 59410 or or call 406-562-3335. Send a check or money to him and add $4.00 for postage & handling. The book is also available at many locations in Augusta, Fairfield, Choteau and Great Falls.