Kay Peterson

Kay was born in Conrad, MT in 1947, and after growing up in Sunburst, then Anacortes, Washington, she moved back to Montana in the early 1970s.  She had a book of poems entitled  “Meanderings” published in 2018 by Christian Faith Publishing under her name of Kay Gallup Peterson.  All the illustrations in the book and in these poems are her own work.
Kay has lived in Cut Bank, Montana, since 1975 and is married to Darrell Peterson.  They have raised 10 children and now with all of the kids gone from home, she found a special ability for writing poetry.  She has been painting pictures all her life, but the writing only came on as a surprise talent in about 2016.
To contact her, either call 406-845-2839 or 406-450-3771.  Her address is P O Box 10, Cut Bank, Montana 59427. 


By Kay Peterson

It’s cold and hot and rainy and dry;
Montana’s a quandary, but don’t ask why…
Just enjoy all the beauty stretched under her sky.

She can delight or frazzle any man.
Her wind is gale or a gentle fan.
The sun and it’s heat can burn, bake or tan.

There’s hills and mountains and prairie land,
Wind-carved sculptures from rock of sand
There’s goodlands and badlands…aint it grand?!

The sky can bow down ‘til you touch the stars!
Oh, what a beautiful state is ours!
And there’s country churches and cowboy bars.

There’s rivers and swamps and desert and range,
Common creatures, and also the strange,
And I love it all! I’ll never change!

Oh, she’s old and she’s young, she lovely and not;
She has riches that men have eagerly sought,
And her land has been fought for, sold and bought.

She’s varied and mercurial, but this ain’t no lie…
I’ll always love her, and I’ll tell you why…
If I had to leave, well…I’d rather die!

This is my home! Where I belong!
She’s high wide and handsome, and many a song
Has been written about her, and some folk long

To live here in Montana, the last best place!
If you think it’s for show, that isn’t the case.
Her children are the luckiest of the human race.

Because, like her size from ebed to end,
Montana has a great big heart, my friend.
And like the oak, she cannot bend.

Her folk are best you’ll ever find,
So, if you’re searching, keep Montana in mind.
Her people are honest, hardworking and kind!

She has it all, and I’m proud to say
This is where I was born and where I’ll stay
Living close to the land on Montana’s clay.