John Ulberg

John Ulberg East Helena

Largely a self-taught painter, Ulberg excelled at art at Helena High School and was encouraged by his art teacher to pursue it professionally. Three of his plein-air paintings earned him signature membership in the Montana Watercolor Society.
His love of Western history and lifestyle fuel another of his passions — writing cowboy poetry. He regularly attends poetry gatherings and recorded a CD of his poems, “The Cowboy and his Rose.”


Six minutes to supper
The steak is on the way,
Lord knows I am hungry
But this I have to say.

No sharin’ will be done
In this bachelor hideaway,
It’s six minutes to supper
And steak and beans are mine today.

Now I don’t mind splittin’
A pan of eggs and grits,
But steak and beans are special
I’ll eat ‘ em ’til I quit.

But if’n a lady
With a sweet and special smile,
Happens by my cookshack
And stays a little while.

Then I must admit
I’ll probably change my way,
And share my steak and beans
With the guest I have today.

John Ulberg