Hotchstrat Braiding

Beauty and function go hand in hand at Hochstrat Braiding. Reins, reatas, headstalls, bosals—every item is a handmade work of art, designed for real working cowboys.
“It’s put together to stay together,” says Kathy Hochstrat of her husband’s hand-braided rawhide work. “Calvin is a working cowboy. If you’ve got an idea—and he thinks it will withstand use—he can make it.”
At an early age, the urge to rawhide braid ate at Calvin Hochstrat. He found a book by Bruce Grant, titled Leather Braiding, and he taught himself the rest. Today, he uses his own rawhide (skinned, scraped, and dehaired by hand) and tools to braid his one-of-a-kind creations.
Hochstrat Braiding has customers as far away as Switzerland and Australia, along with many more throughout the United States. Montanans are proud to claim Calvin as one of their own. In fact, in 2020 he was inducted into the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame.
Kathy (an artisan herself and the designer of Red Ants Pants’ hand-painted belts) says that it’s an honor for Calvin to be recognized. But the distinction hasn’t changed the way they do business.
“We live a mile out of White Sulphur. Give us a call and stop in,” says Kathy.
For more information, call (406) 547-4199