Greg Eislein

Roundup’s Teddy Blue Bronze

At twelve feet high and 35 feet long, a larger-than-life bronze of famed cowpuncher E.C. “Teddy Blue” Abbott (driving five steers across the Musselshell River) is to be commemorated this fall in Roundup. “I didn’t think people would be that interested in it,” says Greg Eiselein, the local artist who sculpted the four-foot bronze “Teddy Blue Crossing the Musselshell” from which this monument is being adapted. “They are excited to have something new in town, and a lot of people are connected to history here.” The community’s attraction to this project has delighted Eiselein. While sculpting the twelve-foot adaptation of his work, townsfolk stopped by to put clay on it, including two classes of local students. Dozens of people have literally had a hand in the monument’s construction. When asked how he feels about his bronze being on display in Roundup, Eiselein is quick to point out that it is no longer his bronze. “It belongs to the community,” he says. “I’m just glad to leave a piece of art behind for people to enjoy.”