Dennis Lent

Dennis Lent

My name is Dennis Lent and am usually listed as The Menace. Email is I am retired from the postal service and live in Billings, Mt. I have been going to the Cowboy Poetry roundup in Lewistown for the last several years. Most of my poetry is for my own entertainment or the occasional request from someone who wants something special for a person or event. I started writing poetry when I went to high school and that was a long time ago. 

Trails End

A line shack so weathered
and long since forgotten
its door still hinged
but broken and rotten.
One four panel window
facing the east
three glazed by sand
ones been released.
The fence riders home
a castle to him
provided his necessaries
in lantern light dim.
The legacy he left
spurs now spotted with rust
and a well worn saddle
all covered with dust.
He rode behind herds
in Texas and Montana
kept trail from his lungs
with a faded bandanna.
One finger was gone
from a dally mistake
and bones and joints
with ‘rheumatis’ ache.
His trail now has ended
the riding is done
no name to give to
some mother’s son.
He rode the ride
and ended up bust
like the well worn saddle
he’s covered with dust.

Dennis A. Lent

Winter on the Highline

I’ve lived along the “Highline”
for decades by the score
and the last time I saw summer there
was in nineteen thirty four.

We usually have a little spring
and fall is a few days
but winter comes quite early
and stays and stays and stays.

Once we had an Eskimo here
and he was a very bold
but he quickly returned to Alaska
claiming we were too damn cold!

Dennis Lent