Chris Dickinson

Labeled a “professional photographer,” Chris Dickinson prefers to see himself as a professionally trained
observer. He travels the West with his camera, experiencing firsthand the way of life that so many have chosen to call their own. He finds hidden wonders in the everyday, and the romance of the West lingers in each of his images.
Born in Great Falls, Dickinson bounced around and found his true appreciation for the West when he moved to Utah with his wife Joe. They embarked on the pursuit of dog training and photography and quickly created a successful business. While Dickinson’s photography was supplemental at this point, he soon came to recognize the powerful story a strong image can tell.
The West embraced Chris several years later, when he jumped feet first into a studio filled with manure, dust, sweat, and blood—a far cry from what most photographers would call home. Still, the stories that could be captured here were far deeper, and far greater, than any in a static setting. Dickinson was hooked.
Now, 13 years later, Dickinson is an internationally award-winning photographer, appearing in some of the largest publications in the Western world.
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