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Emphasizing Our Humanity

Quilting can bring out the best in people. A quilter must have patience to complete their project. They must put thought into each fabric square and take care with each stitch. Quilting can provide joy in both solitude and companionship. It’s very rare to find a quilter with a sour face.
“You hardly find anyone looking for quilting projects who’s a grump,” says Shirley Wilson, owner of the Creative Closet in Townsend. “Most of the time, quilting is about providing positivity.”
Wilson and her fellow quilters have long been quilting for local causes. Through Christmas Connection, they make provide pillow cases to those in need. They donated handmade potholders to the local food bank. They also make comfort quilts for people in the community.
“Creative Closet was deemed essential during the shutdown because the people in charge realized we were fulfilling a need,” says Wilson.
Beyond charity, Creative Closet has provided the Townsend area with a great selection of quilting merchandise and fabrics that appeal to the community at large.
“My clientele seems to enjoy my merchandise,” says Wilson. “I carry practical fabrics—flannel because of the cold, agricultural and wildlife print because of where we live, and a wide variety of other fabrics.”
Customers appreciate the local focus. It’s why Creative Closet has thrived in the community for eighteen years.
Creative Closet is located at 222 Broadway Street in Townsend. For more information, call (406) 266-4555.