Choteau Arts Gallery & Gifts

Choteau Arts Gallery & Gifts

204 Main Ave North
Choteau, MT 59422


(406) 466-2800


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Emphasizing Our Humanity

From the bustling metropolis to small town Montana, art engages us. It highlights our differences. It unites us in our values. It emphasizes what makes us human.
It is for these reason that Choteau Arts Gallery & Gifts was established.
“Our mission is to instill openness to the many ways humans express creativity by providing a facility where individual self-expression can be developed,” says Susan Luinstra, President of Choteau Arts.
Opened in November 2020, Choteau Arts Gallery & Gifts offers a cozy space filled with a colorful array of paintings, jewelry, woodwork, pottery, and apparel. The gallery provides an opportunity for regional artists and craftsmen to exhibit and sell their work, while also supporting economic development in Choteau and surrounding communities.
Currently, more than 70 artists are represented, with new merchandise added regularly.
The gallery is part of Choteau Arts, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that works to foster affordable art experiences for people to learn together, build relationships, and bolster civic pride. Classes include pottery, painting, fiddle, fly-tying, ukulele, and more. They work with church groups, Scouts, and area schools to offer hands-on art experiences as well.
Choteau Arts Gallery & Gifts is located at 204 Main Avenue North in Choteau. For more information, visit or call (406) 466-2800.