Big Sky Pottery

Big Sky Pottery

407 2nd Avenue South
Fairfield, MT 59436


(406) 467-2067


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No Roadblocks, Only Detours

Andy Watson at Big Sky Pottery and Gallery in Fairfield is an all-around guy. He thinks with his head, interacts with his heart, paints with his hands, and throws pots with his feet.
Andy has been teaching art for 53+ years.
“I believe that art is not only what you see but what you must make others see,” he says.
Andy not only teaches painting and pottery, but he also provides a venue for local artists who may not have had an opportunity to showcase their work. Each artist is given about six weeks to display their work. Andy and his wife, Marie, do not charge a commission.
Marie says, “We provide a place for individuals to have the opportunity to experience art without leaving the community.”
They are a community resource, teaching adult pottery classes in the winter and youth art classes during the summer.
Andy’s passion for art and life is contagious. Walk into his gallery to see the pottery on display (which is surprisingly affordable) or peruse the paintings displayed (some his and some by other artists). You might say, “Gee, I always wanted to paint clouds like that,” and he’ll whisk you back to his studio, give you a paintbrush, and show you how.
When Andy learned that his niece back east was in an art class with a woman who had no arms, Marie made a video of Andy showing how to make a bowl on a pottery wheel using only his feet. In Andy’s world there are no roadblocks, only detours.
Stop in to see what’s on display, buy a gift, or get energized. While you’re looking, Andy will brighten up your day by playing his banjo. It’s definitely NOT a stuffy, high-brow art experience.
Big Sky Pottery is located at 407 2nd Avenue South in Fairfield. For more information, call (406) 467-2067